We have a spirit for everyone


Wine Selection

Wine Social has specific qualities that define our wine selection. Most importantly, a wine has to be simply delicious and easily enjoyable. Many of us wonder why wine we taste is so acidic or tannic. So do we! 

The second criteria Wine Social looks for in wine is what we call “clean” wine. You will experience a distinct lack of odd chemical/fake sweetness/artificial flavors as you become familiar with each wine you taste here. This is true of a simple, enjoyable $7.50 chardonnay to a 95pt Californian Cab Blend. Your taste buds and your body will tell you “there is a difference!”  



Guests are welcome to bring in their own food. We also have Take-Out menus from local restaurants within walking distance.  We offer:

  • Cheese Plate with assorted crackers and olives - $10
  • Charcuterie Board - $15
  • Eastern Market Rockies Gourmet Nut Bowl - $5
  • Chocolate Cake with fresh berries  - $6
  • Nutz about Chocolate  5 pieces - $4


Craft Beers and Cocktails

“Wine” people enjoy a nice cocktail or a Craft Beer from time-to-time. And some of your friends aren’t wine folks (yet). Wine Social has a limited, well chosen selection of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cordials, aperitifs, vodka, gin, and tequila.  

For those that enjoy a nice beer, we offer Bells Two Hearted and Amber, Boddingtons, Bud Lite, Dogfish Head IPA, Dragon’s Milk, Founder’s IPA, and Wittekerke.

Need some wine for your home? Stop by and grab some!

For all tastes, budgets and food-pairings. Sometimes that's hotdogs, other times its ribeye or lobster. Delicious party wine starting at $12. Great collectible wine for experts and cellars. With “Flights” available in the wine bar, you can taste wines before you buy them. 

What's your drink of choice? Let us know

Tell us about your favorite drink. You never know, we may feature it one night or add it to the menu.

Wine Social

135 S Broadway St, Lake Orion, Michigan 48362, United States