Getting Started - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Often times wine tastes tannic or acidic ... I just dont get wine? WS

A.  You do get wine! Wine is supposed to be enjoyable, delicious, easy to drink. A great California wine maker said “If the first words out of your mouth when describing a wine are not fruit characteristics, then something is wrong. Many, many people come in saying they ‘dont get wine’ and leave very happy and relieved that they DO!

Q Do you have a few favorites right now for a “Novice” to try?

A.   Everyone seems to love “Peachy”, Verterra Pinot Blanc - and for red, try Ayres Pinot Noir. “WE DO FLIGHTS” so, you can taste a few wines without a big investment. 

Q How about collectible wine for my Wine Snob Friends?

A.  Wine Social has many of the highest rated wines in the world, including this years Wine Spectator #1 Wine of the Year. We love sending you to a wine tasting, holding the bottle everyone will be talking about. 

Q. Wine can be expensive, what are your prices like?

Wine Social has glasses of wine starting at $7. You can buy great RETAIL wine here for $12 on up to the most expensive, hard to find bottles from Napa. We will be happy to help find the perfect wine for your tastes, budget and for the food you are Pairing wine with.

We want to THROW A PARTY what services do you offer?

Wine Social has a CATERING LICENSE. So, we can come to your venue ... whether it is an office or home party, or a wedding. We also have a number of nice areas within Wine Social that can be set up for parties/events. 

Wine for your Home, Office or Party, stop by our Retail Wine Shop!


For all tastes, budgets and food-pairings. Sometimes that's hotdogs, other times its ribeye or lobster. Delicious party wine starting at $12. Great collectible wine for experts and cellars. With “Flights” available in the wine bar, you can taste wines before you buy them.

Have a question about wine?

The perfect food-wine pairing for your dinner plans, help setting up a neighborhood wine tasting, the perfect gift for a "wine connoisseur" friend - or planning/putting together a cellar ... Ed will be happy to help!

Wine Social

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